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In June 2020 Elena celebrated 25 years as a professional dancer, her other expertise include movement director and creator, guest dance instructor and coach, creator of the fitness and dance method The Elena Gibson Method, author of Secrets of a Ballerina - On Nutrition, founder of London's premiere Professional Dance Schools Ltd, co founder of The London Studios ASD in Northern Italy, founder and director of Firebird Studio in Barcelona Spain, author and assessor of the Instructors Development Course certifications, POSA world federation certified pole dance competition judge, jury member, photo model, traveler, and mother.


A former ballet dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, and the Bavarian State Ballet in Munich Germany, Elena has been performing professionally on international stages in North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East since 1995 after her graduation from The National Ballet School of Canada.  Elena’s second passion in life is pole dancing. Amongst Elena’s pole dancing career achievements are: first ever crowned as World Pole Dancing Champion 2005, 1st UK Pole Dancing Champion 2005, winner of the “Instructor of the Year 2012” awarded by the IPDFA


Working on improving various aspects of the dance community, Elena is a member of the prestigious International Dance Council CID-UNESCO, member of the entertainment trade union Equity since 1995 Canada and since 2003 United Kingdom, Level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals, board member of the first ever International Pole Federation, head of the artistic committee of the POSA world federation and amongst the first officially awarded the “Pioneer Award” for the United Kingdom by the Pole Dance Community.


Recognised for her specialised expertise Elena has been invited on the panel of judges at numerous world competitions, having accepted a few: Miss Aerial Pole Switzerland Germany and Austria 2010 in Hamburg, The Irish Pole Dance Championship 2010 in Dublin, Pole Art 2010 in Stockholm, Aerial Pole International 2011 in Bern, Pole Dancing Universe 2011 in Denver, The Italian Pole Dance Championship 2011 in Rome, Miss Pole Dance Brazil 2011 in Curitiba, Pole Art 2011 in Helsinki, UK Professional Pole Championship 2011 in Birmingham, Aerial Pole International 2012 in Bern, Ukrainian Pole Dance Championship 2012 in Odessa, World Pole Sports Championship 2012 in London, the French Pole Dance Championship 2012 in Paris, European Pole Dance Championship 2012 in Rome, Pole Dance Cup 2013 in Warsaw, Australian Pole Dance Championship 2013, Pole Art 2013 in Helsinki; French Pole Dance Championship 2014 in Paris, Swiss Pole Championships 2015 in Geneva, Miss & Mr Pole Dance UK 2015, French Pole Dance Championships 2015 in Paris, World Pole Sports & Arts Championships 2016 in Florence, World Pole Art Championship 2017 and 2018  in Turin, World Pole Art Championship 2019 in Florence, World Pole Art Championships 2023 in Turin Italy, POSA World Pole Art Championships 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain;

National Centre for Circus Arts, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain;

The Hangar Arts Trust, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain;

YogaWorks, New York City USA;

The National Ballet School of Canada, Toronto;

Personal life:

In 2001, Elena married British entertainer Marcus Gibson whom she had met in 1998 when living in Munich, Germany.  It was love at first sight.  The couple married in 2000 and moved to London in 2003.  The marriage ended in divorce after 5 years.  Elena and Marcus have maintained a close friendship for over two decades.

At a party in London Elena met British entrepreneur David White, VP Product FCC and Payments at LexisNexis Rish Solutions with whom she was in a relationship for 15 years.   They have one child together but the couple never married.  Before the end of their 15 year relationship David was unfaithful to Elena with an Indonesian woman 24 years younger than him Renda Putri, CEO at Dewy Mahasadu

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