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Firebird Studio

mixed level pole dancing group classes

with World Champion Elena Gibson in Barcelona

one to one training with Elena also available upon request 

Email your questions at:



DM on instagram @elena.gibson 

Online Training & Workouts


online group classes on zoom with World Champion Elena Gibson

Mondays Pole Dancing mixed levels 18:00-19:30 


About the Elena Gibson Method

By combining the elegance and lightness of a ballerina with the power and precision of an athlete, I've created a unique training and lifestyle method.  The EG method will sculpt your entire body and nurture your dancing passion, transforming you into a more graceful, more powerful you.


Inspired by over three decades of professional experience, the EG method is a blend of three disciplines: 

- The first discipline and my first love, is classical ballet. As a professional ballet dancer with the National Ballet Of Canada, I was lucky to learn from sone of the world's best teachers, choreographers and artistic directors.  This core element of the EG method will teach you the essence of elegance in movement, coordination and strength development in the core and lower body.

- The second discipline combines my distinctive style of Pole Dancing with Chinese Pole and Aerial Fitness.  Having trained in multiple disciplines for over 15 years in London, I use techniques which will help you improve your self-confidence and upper body strength. 

- The third discipline is Yoga.  As a devoted practitioner I have searched to learn from gurus on different continents, continuing my journey to the present day.  I use wisdom and my knowledge of yoga to teach you how to connect with your own body, improve your flexibility and prevent injury.


The EG method is the culmination of a 30 year career in professional dance and fitness, over 17 years of teaching dance, and my continuing lifelong desire for self-improvement.  I'm very excited to share my passion with you and guide you through your own journey.  Together, using the EG method, you can experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the joy of movement and self-expression.


How did the EG Method help me? 


As a professional ballerina in a world class company for many years I was under constant pressure to strive for perfection.  Suddenly it all came to a stop when I was involved in a car accident which broke my neck, ending my ballet career.  It was when I was at my lowest point that I found Pole Dancing.  It helped me regain my physical fitness and my self-esteem.  I found myself uplifted and liberated as I explored self expression and dance creation through this new, inspiring medium.  Through pole dance I found myself back in the spotlight, performing again on numerous stages worldwide, this time under my own artistic direction and freedom of expression.  I came into yoga as a young ballerina.  After I took my first class I cried with frustration as I discovered how weak and painful my wrists were, struggling to hold a much repeated pose like downward dog.  A number of yoga stretches which I have adapted and modified into my EG method have helped me a great deal to increase mobility on particular joints.  

How has the EG Method helped others?

"Elena Gibson's training Method helped me in so many ways.  Having no formal background in dance at all and a history of back problems you'd think I was not an ideal candidate for her training, but my passion for dance helped.  I was going through a rough break-up and was surprised at how my self-confidence grew as well as my core strength during her classes.  What I love about the EG method is the precision, which I assume comes from Elena's background in ballet - I'm nothing like a ballerina, but the combination and yoga and pole have helped me improve my strength and flexibility, and find my own style by incorporating the hard work and exactness of movement from ballet"  (ZSL)

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